To optimally fulfill the CHPE mission of delivering health professions education for the Military and Public Health Systems, Veterans Health Administration, and civilian communities, CHPE offers our programs in a blended format. This includes predominantly online, asynchronous courses accessible from any location worldwide, ensuring flexibility and widespread availability.

We support our learner’s blended learning experience in many ways: 

Orientation and Onboarding

We provide an orientation session to familiarize new online learners with the learning platform, tools, resources, and expectations. 

Technology Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training sessions and tutorials covering the utilization of our online learning platform, associated software, and essential tools integral to the program. Our objective is to empower learners with the requisite proficiency to effectively harness the technological resources at their disposal. Furthermore, our dedicated technical support team remains accessible to learners, ensuring prompt resolution of any technical issues. We are committed to mitigating technology limitations, promoting a seamless experience for student learning activities and assessments.


We acknowledge the diverse needs of our learners and prioritize flexibility in multiple aspects. Our approach encompasses accommodating learners using various devices, accommodating differences in broadband access, and considering varying levels of technological familiarity. We offer tailored options for accessing course content, taking into account technological constraints, WiFi availability, and time zone differences.

Structured Course Design

Our courses are offered on the Canvas learning platform. All our course sites have consistent formatting, intuitive navigation, and a user-friendly interface to enhance the learning experience.

Professional Development Opportunities

Through the Distance Learning Lab, we provide access to workshops and webinars related to technology innovations in education to enhance learners' knowledge and skills beyond the formal curriculum.