Global Footprint

CHPE currently serves over 250 students stationed at more than 40 different locations around the globe, from San Diego, California to North Carolina; from El Paso, Texas to the Salt Lake City Veteran Affairs in Utah; from Alabama to Hawaii; and from Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom to Bahrain. Our CHPE learners span the globe while completing their coursework. This broad geographic reach is possible through HPE’s commitment to building and improving its distance learning capacities. CHPE’s broad global footprint encompasses learners’ permanent stations as well as a number of remote locations around the world where learners frequently, and on short notice, deploy.

CHPE Highlights Map


Renowned Faculty

CHPE faculty are consistently recognized for their excellence in research, teaching, and mentorship, receiving honors including the Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award and Merrell Flair Award given by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the Mentor Award for Early Career Medical Educators awarded by the Canadian Association of Medical Education, the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry Scholarly Publishing Award, the Perspectives on Medical Education Article Impact Award, and the Outstanding Article Award presented by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. CHPE faculty accomplishments also include:

  • Publishing over 600 peer reviewed publications
  • Winning over $30 million in grant funding
  • Holding nearly 20 positions on editorial review boards
  • Serving on over 50 decision-making committees
  • Receiving more than 90 national and international honors 


Accomplished Learners

CHPE learners represent all branches of the U.S. military and a wide variety of health professions. CHPE learners have been recognized for their excellence in HPE upon entering and completing their programs at CHPE. Awards and recognitions include the USUHS Board of Regents Award, the William P. Clements Award for Outstanding Educator, the Outstanding PhD Faculty Award, the American Association of Medical Colleges’ Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Faculty Teacher of the Year and Resident Teacher of the Year awards, the General Graves B. Erskine Award, and the Lieutenant General Monte Miller Award for Distinguished Early Career Physicians in Research. After completing their coursework at CHPE, graduates have continued to serve as leaders in the MHS and beyond, taking on roles as deans, program directors, clinical chairs, and directors of research.


Our Guiding Principles

Faculty in CHPE believe that theory and scholarship should work in synergy with educational practice, with each informing and improving the other. Through teamwork, innovation, and personal excellence, we will celebrate our successes, promoting each other’s work and careers, and learning from and supporting each other when we make mistakes. Thus, we commit to excellence in six principles in all our scholarly endeavors, embodying “learning to care for those in harm’s way” through the education of those providing that care (i.e., health professionals). When taken together, we believe these six principles distinguish our program from other HPE programs around the globe: 

  • Cultivate Scholarship

Focus on theoretically grounded scholarship that spans the continuum, informs both theory and practice, and also bridges theory to practice.

  • Develop Future Generations

Provide all contacts (graduate students, junior faculty, etc.) with graduate-level education in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, cutting-edge innovations, and practical leadership experience.

  • Lead through Learning

Foster a culture of teamwork (i.e., interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation and collaboration) and use information and distributed learning technologies to positively impact our global community. We will celebrate successes and learn when plans fall short.

  • Service above Self

Serve our military and Public Health Service community first. This starts with our CHPE team, followed by the local USU community, remote HPE graduate program campuses, hospitals (unity of effort) in the MHS, the nation, and finally our global community.

  • Practice what we Preach

Implement in our educational activities the evidence-based practices we teach and research. Highlight our military context through relevance and readiness. Our students and faculty will explicitly translate our work to the needs of the MHS.

  • Seek to Improve Care

Our overarching goal is to provide needed education to those who provide care in harm’s way, as well as to those who educate those front-line health professionals.

  • Make It Better

CHPE faculty and staff are committed to excellence and continuous quality improvement. We create educational activities and continually strive to improve them to best meet our community's needs.

  • Co-ownership

CHPE faculty and staff are a collaborative team committed to being the best that we can be. We put in the time needed and proudly serve the Center that we all have had a stake in building.