CHPE Students

Over 90% of our students are active duty members with 250 of them representing the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and include dentists, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Diverse specialties in medicine are represented, including internal medicine, pediatrics, rheumatology, psychiatry, pathology, and surgery. CHPE learners are stationed around the globe and have been recognized for excellence in HPE upon entering and completing their programs at CHPE. Awards and recognitions include the USU Board of Regents Award, the William P. Clements Award for Outstanding Educator, the 2021 Outstanding PhD Faculty Award, the General Graves Erskine Award, and the Lieutenant General Monte Miller Award for Distinguished Early Career Physicians in Research. In addition, CHPE alumni added their own accomplishments to this distinguished list of accolades, including the USAF’s George Crawford Award for Distinguished Medical Educator. After completing their coursework at CHPE, graduates have continued to serve as leaders in the MHS and beyond, taking on roles as program directors, clinical chairs, reaching faculty, directors of research, and deans. Students' successful participation in CHPE programs are made possible through a distance learning platform with a structured online support system


What our students have to say about their experience at CHPE

“I’m very lucky that I was allowed to participate in the health professions education program. The benefit is that every course that I took (intro to online learning advanced online learning, curricular design, instructional design) really gave me a lot of different tools for how to approach all the different problems that we faced.”

“HPE influenced me by giving me stronger confidence in my leadership abilities. I was able to use leadership theory to define my goals and to work with a multidisciplinary team.”

“The HPE program taught me surprising lessons. It taught me that I am not "terrible at research". To the contrary, I have research interests and skills that were waiting to be tapped. I never received the education or support required to be successful. CHPE provided that. I am now excited about an ongoing program of research.”

"The HPE program enabled me to easily transition our curriculum to an online format during COVID. I was able to use the skills I acquired in multiple courses to develop innovative ways of teaching during the pandemic. These innovations were later adopted at other medical schools across the country."

“The MHPE was vital to my professional growth as an educator. The program gave me access to incredible mentors and launched a program of research that has received national recognition. I particularly appreciated that this program gave me the lens to critically evaluate my curriculum design. This has enhanced how I deliver programming across healthcare education.”

"It is a wonderful department with wonderful people. I honestly felt like everyone that I worked with was legitimately interested in the students genuinely improving their careers and improving their outcomes, which I think is unique to online degree programs. I hope to continue to work with everyone in the program."

“The HPE program has been invaluable to my career.  Every course was grounded in practice and immediately applicable to my work as a residency program director.  I also cannot overstate the value of the mentorship and networking connections that developed through this program to my research and career opportunities. Joining the HPE program was hands-down the best career decision I have made!”